Commander of the Tehran Revolutionary Guard in the mosque of the rest of God for the occasion of the Holy Defense Week

2020September13. Print

Commander of the Tehran Revolutionary Guard in the mosque of the rest of God for the occasion of the Holy Defense Week

According to the Public Relations Department of the University of Sardar Yazdi, at the beginning of the holy defense week, we commemorated the martyrs and imam of the martyrs, and pointed out that what is memorable for the holy defense period is for us the honor and glory that is due to your efforts and your struggles. Sacrifice of those days. And adding that all of its devotion can be a powerful engine for the movement of the Islamic Republic. The commander of Tehran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, referring to the memories of the time of the war and the holy defense, pointed out that religious teachings had been conducted by the warriors with that sacred war and sacred defense, and added that the value of our holy defense and accumulation, and what the people today In fact, it is a mystical look at these religious teachings. Sardar Yazdi also pointed out that after the defeat in the eight years of the Holy Defense, the United States has always been in the face of a revolutionary Iranian nation's stance and tried to stand up to us. He also added that what safeguards us today against the United States is to keep this Revolutionary and religious look. Sardar Yazdi also referred to the words of the Imam (PBUH) regarding the mobilization, saying that the mobilization of the Islamic world is now being formed from all parts of the world from Afghanistan to Syria and Lebanon to the face of global and American arrogance. Referring to recent US actions, Sardar Yazdi also pointed out that US actions include forging news and sanctions and economic pressures with the aim of disturbing public opinion and disappointing the noble nation of Iran with revolutionary and religious thought. He also added that a solution to these unity measures, faith in God, and attention to the guidance of the Supreme Leader and the religious teachings. At the end of the ceremony, he called on the people to pursue excellence and success with the jihad, selflessness and attention to the religious teachings and policies of the martyrs of the Holy Defense. Today's martyrs are expecting the Iranian nation to stand and resist global arrogance.


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